Price City Council Conducts Pre-Thanksgiving Business


The Price City Council hosted its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 23 owing to the Thanksgiving holiday. The meeting began with the safety seconds, presented this time by Councilwoman Amy Knott-Jespersen.

She stated that Mayor Mike Kourianos had requested that she remind all of the crosswalk that is now open on 300 East by the USU Eastern campus and the dorms. The wish is to ensure that everyone is safe when the crosswalk is utilized, as it as a busy crosswalk and that road was closed for repairs for quite some time.

Mayor Kourianos stated that Councilwoman Terry Willis had brought this to his attention. He said that it was important for the council to reiterate the fact in order for students and community to be aware and alert.

At the previous council meeting, the council had discussed acting as the Board of Canvassers in order to approve the general election results for Price City. However, during the meeting, the need arose to also approve the official results.

Price City Recorder Sherrie Gordon addressed this, stating that the council served as the Board of Canvassers to receive the official results on Monday, Nov 15. This took place at noon at the Carbon County Administration Building. The official results were then accepted by the council.

Also accepted by the council was the adoption of both of the 2022 meeting schedules for the city council as well as the city’s planning and zoning commission.

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