Price City Council Declines Carbon Free Power Project


At the regularly scheduled Price City Council meeting on Wednesday, the council made a decision about the city’s part in the Carbon Free Power Project.

The project was proposed to the council back in February by Doug Hunter from Utah Associated Power Municipal System (UAMPS) and Chris Colbert from NuScale Power. As Price City is a member of UAMPS, this is a project the city has been considering for some time. For more on the project, please visit our previous article.

Due to the cost and various elements of the project, it was tabled at the city council meeting in February for further discussion.

On Wednesday, the council voted to decline the Carbon Free Power Project.

Council member Rick Davis spoke on behalf of the decision to decline the project. “It wasn’t that long ago when everyone was scrambling to find power. Since then, we have gotten involved with wind power, WAPA hydro power, and other power outlets and we have made the best decision that is best for Price City to go forward.”

Council member Leif Nelson also declined the project agreeing that “the project itself is really cool, but it is too expensive for Price City.”

The council made this decision based on the need for power, the cost of the project and what the future would look like for the city. “The long-term investments in this technology could potentially backfire one day,” said councilman Nelson.


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