Price City Council Focuses on Local Youth


Local Boy Scout Douglas Laursen spoke to council members at Wednesday’s Price City Council meeting about the tennis court project he had been working tirelessly to complete.

Laursen stated that the project is now completed and went very well. The walls were set up one weekend when the weather was nice. Mayor Joe Piccolo commended Laursen on the project and his hard work that went toward it.

“Price City certainly appreciates responsibly involved citizens,” Piccolo stated.

Council member Kathy Hanna-Smith spoke during the meeting and touched briefly on the subject of local Boys & Girls Club member Fawn Powell, who recently won the local organization’s Youth of the Year Award. Hanna-Smith attended the event where Powell spoke of her personal journey, and Hanna-Smith stated that it was a very moving story from a wonderful young woman. Powell competed on the state level Tuesday and did exceedingly well. She was the runner-up in that competition.

“The kids I’ve had an opportunity to be around at the Boys & Girls Club are really great,” stated Hanna-Smith. She went on to say that she is grateful kids have a place to go for after school programs.

Tiffany Vansickle, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator at Four Corners Mental Health, approached the council and spoke about the Carbon County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. The coalition has been in existence since June. The coalition is working toward devising a process to prevent substance abuse in youth through evidence-based study. It has a board of eight to 10 members who come from different areas of the community.

The coalition hosts monthly meetings in which board members go over updates and processes that are then presented to the key leader board. They have received donations from the Carbon County School District, Castleview Hospital, Four Corners and a tentative agreement with East Carbon. Vansickle requested $1,000 from the Price City Council. The decision was made to wait until the budget is open again at the end of June and beginning of July.

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