Price City Council Discusses New Development On Main Street


Price City Council hosted a public hearing on Wednesday evening toВ receiveВ input on the proposed three-lot Eastgate Apartments Subdivision located at approximately 1200 East Main Street.

Though the hearing was short, important information was relayed to the public about potential commercial properties.

The Eastgate development will be one lot just under nine acres. There will also be two other lots available. One is on the frontage of Main Street measured at 1.5 acres. The other is just south of O’Reilly Auto Parts, also 1.5 acres.

“Those two lots are future commercial development properties, both adding up to about three acres,” said Nick Tatton, Price City Community Director.

Tatton concluded by saying, “Anyone can potentially build on the property. Just meet with the city council to find out what needs to be done.”

The council will next meet April 10, at 5:30 p.m.


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