Price City Council Discusses Safety


Photo Courtesy of UDOT

The Price City Council meeting once again took time to focus on the community’s wellbeing with the safety seconds, presented this time by Councilwoman Amy Knott-Jespersen.

She stated that she was glad to have the opportunity to talk about her topic before summer arrives. Councilwoman Knott-Jespersen wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Traffic App, which keeps those traveling up-to-date.

UDOT’s cameras span Utah’s mountain passes, canyons, Soldier Summit and more. The app is updated about every ten minutes with information gathered from the app and local authorities. Knott-Jespersen emphasized that if all are aware of road conditions and make decisions based on those conditions, lives, money, time, healing and more can be saved.

Councilwoman Knott-Jespersen ended the safety seconds by stating that those that are not aware of the app already should download it and have their teenagers that are driving use it as well.

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