Price City Council Discusses Water Issues


Ron Patterson

The Price City Council met May 13 to discuss normal business. Many items on the agenda had something to do with water.

The city is pursuing an application with the state engineer’s office of water rights in order to secure water, if needed, in the summer months. The water in question will come from Colton Wells numbers one and two. The temporary application will cost the city $460. A permanent application will be pursued this fall.

The water level of Scofield, where irrigation water comes from, was also discussed. Though levels at the reservoir have risen, they have not risen much. The snowpack that feeds into the reservoir has also melted away.

Another item discussed was the recent close of the public auction. John Procarione, public works assistant, reported on the sale of items no longer of value to Price City. The sale brought over $30,000 of revenue. The sale is held online in an auction format. To view current auctions, go to

The council also discussed a recent parade that has some parents and public officials concerned. Chief of police Kevin Drolc discussed his concerns for the safety of parade goers and observers. The two major concerns are candy thrown from vehicles and children exiting vehicles while the vehicles are still moving. “We just don’t want anyone to get hurt,” said Drolc.

Another item of business was a request by the USU Extension for funding to cover mileage and printing costs for work that Ron Patterson does. Patterson oversees a summer program that promotes efficient water usage and education. He and his intern will perform water checks at the request of residents and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

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