Price City Council Eligible for Grant; Seeks Public’s Input to Implement It


A Price City Library representative presents the council with an idea on how to implement the CDGB grant.

Before the regularly scheduled Price City Council meeting on Tuesday, the first public hearing in regards to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) was hosted.

Price City is currently eligible for the CDBG grant. If the grant is applied for and received, funds could go towards the following, but not limited to, construction of public works facilities, water and sewer lines, and provisions of public services such as the food bank. Members of the community had the chance to give input and ideas on what projects should be fulfilled through the grant if it is received.

A representative from the Price City Library presented the idea of using a portion of the grant money, approximately $60,000, to place a lift in the library for individuals who are unable to go in the basement due to having a wheelchair or physical disability. After explaining the need for the lift, council members took this idea into consideration.

A presentation from a local mother whose daughter needs to be carried down to the basement also presented to the council as to why this lift is important and would make a huge impact. The presenter went on to explain that carrying her daughter not only poses a safety risk to her and her daughter, but to the public going up and down the stairs as well. The lift would help reduce this safety hazard as well as allow every single individual, no matter their health condition, be able to go down to the newly-remodeled basement for children.

If Price City chooses to apply for the CDBG grant, a second public hearing will be held at a later time to discuss the project.

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