Price City Council Given 2024 Graduation Spectacular Presentation


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Kara Thayn was joined by Kendra Seeley at the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening to give a brief presentation on the upcoming 2024 Graduation Spectacular.

Beginning, Thayn thanked the council for the donation that they had already given, as well as the support the event has received from the city throughout the years. Thayn stated that it could not be done without them and she wanted to let them know. From there, the duo opened the door for questions or concerns.

Through questions from the council, those in attendance learned that this year, Grad Spec will take place at the USU Eastern BDAC. The plan is to rotate through four different locations over the years to give the students various opportunities each year. The BDAC is the fourth location.

The duo also stated that the numbers have grown exponentially, moving from 450 in previous years up to nearly 600 attendees in the past year. It is believed that there might be some spillover from Emery High School as well, which is more than welcome.

Councilman Layne Miller stated that Grad Spec is such a great thing. Through shifting who hosts the event and where it takes place, it has seemed to open up to the community and even more students and graduates are choosing to attend. Grad Spec is a great, safe and fun place for them to be that night.

Those behind the event work with law enforcement each year, who have a large presence there. Thayn pointed out that the police presence is not to make the event feel like a lockdown and that law enforcement officers have fun with the kids, while also keeping an eye on things and helping out.

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