Price City Council Hears Complaints About Price Trailer Court


About thirty concerned residents from Melody Estates attended Wednesday’s Price City Council meeting with major concerns about living conditions at the trailer court.

Sherron Law acted as spokesperson for the trailer court and described the owner of the establishment as “purposefully negligent” when it comes to repairs needed on each trailer.

“There were some parts of the roofs that you could look up and see the sky because there were holes that needed to be fixed,” he said.

He noted broken windows that had yet to be fixed and that people were still living in those conditions.

“We don’t want to discriminate against people who want to do the very best and those who don’t care about what they live in,” Law said. “I’m talking about mainly theВ cesspool we have over there. There are some good people who live there and there are others who just don’t care at all.”

Law went on to explain the need to clean up old vehicles that don’t run for lack of parts, feces from the many dogs that roam free because their owners won’t keep them contained, roads that need to be fixed and a fence along the south side of the court in need of repair.

Another resident stated during the meeting that you could see methamphetamine seeping through the walls of a trailer from renters.

The group wanted to ensure that the owner would take care of what needed to be done.

“You haven’t made you complaints to a deaf crowd,”В Mayor Joe Piccolo said in response to the group’s pleading. “We have been trying to deal with this problem for a while now and we will get to the bottom of it.”

Councilwoman Kathy Hanna-Smith added, “This is probably the best time you could have come to us. We’re actually more prepared to deal with the problem than we have been in years”

The Council didn’t give any estimate on when they would start dealing with the situation officially because the proposition wasn’t under the consent agenda. However, it will be looking for updated solutions on the the problem in the near future.

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