Price City Council Hosts First Meeting of 2017


During the first Price City Council meeting of the 2017 year, the council members gave their reports. Terry Willis informed all that plans for the bicycle park are going forward and she is ensuring that everything is looked at in a proactive way.

Council member Layne Miller took time during his reports to compliment Miles Nelson and his crew for all of the hard work that is being done of the roads during these winter storms.

Norma Procarione then represented the Price City Library during the meeting, giving the council members a report.

“It’s been a really exciting year, we’ve been really busy,” Procarione stated.

Two new programs began at the library during the year. Thursday’s played host to an after school program. Adult programming also came to the building, such as a finance class that was instructed by employees of the local Wells Fargo branch.

A lot of cooperative events were also completed throughout the year at the library including International Days, Red Ribbon Week and Price City’s Old Fashioned Christmas. The library renovations will hopefully be completed around March, Procarione also reported. Ten new computers are coming to the facility as well.

One of the final actions taken at the meeting was to appoint the first chair and vice chair. In the past, the first chair has been the mayor while the vice chair went to the mayor pro-temp. It was decided to keep it that way unanimously.


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