Price City Council Hosts Inaugural 2023 Meeting


As usual, the Price City Council opened its meeting on Wednesday evening with the safety seconds. This time around, Councilman Joe Christman urged caution due to the recent winter storms.

He stated that with the mix of snowfall and rain, as well as the temperature fluctuation, there has been a lot of freezing that creates black ice and ice on the walkways. Christman urged all to pay attention.

Following this, a public hearing was opened for the council to receive input on the proposed 2023 updates to the Price City Land Use Management Development Code. Though the hearing was opened, there was no one from the public to comment, prompting the council to close the hearing.

Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos then shared with the council that there will be a teacher’s convention hosted in the city that they are looking forward to. There will be nearly 750 teachers that attend and meetings have been hosted to discuss presenting all that the community has to offer.

Following the quarterly drawing for a safety prize for qualifying employees, the council then approved three resolutions that authorize Mayor Kourianos in signing mutual inducement agreements with Wellington Microtech, Blue Sky Energy and SCS Energy.

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