Price City Council Looks at Funding for Additional School Resource Officer


The need to add an additional school resource officer was an agenda item that Price City CouncilmenВ thoroughlyВ discussed Wednesday.

A proposal to name Officer Dan Burke as a second SRO in the Carbon County Schools was discussed in length before being approved on a 4-1 vote.

All council members were in agreement that an additional SRO is needed in the schools.

In presenting his ideas about SRO’s at schools Price City Police Chief Kevin Drolc mentioned he is looking at some personnel changes that might include moving Officer Bob Radley, the current SRO, over to the high school. The new position would be based at Mont Harmon Junior High and Officer Radley would be promoted to a supervisory position and sergeant. The promotion was not part of the proposal on the table for approval on Wednesday night.

Councilman Grady McEvoy had concerns after speaking with Drolc prior to the meeting. McEvoy was concerned that if Radley is promoted, he would be unable to focus enough on protecting schools. Drolc said that Radley is already spending more than 60% of his time at the schools and would continue doing so. Even if Radley is not promoted, he would still train the new SRO.

Drolc also reiterated that the proposal on the table is separate from the promotion and personnel changes. McEvoy was not convinced that the timing was right to move forward.

Carbon County Finance Director Lisa Richens reminded the council that next year’s budget proposals were still being worked on and there was no guarantee that funding would allow a new SRO position.

The Carbon County School District will also have to find money in its budget to help share the cost of the position. It is also in the process of setting its 2013-14 budget, but needs the commitment of the city as it moves forward. Carbon County would also be asked to contribute and Mayor Joe Piccolo will meet with commissioners on April 18 to discuss the matter.

A motion to enter into the agreement passed with McEvoy abstaining. The agreement will be contingent on the 2013-14 budget.

Other notes from the meeting:

Emery Telcom representatives Jared Anderson and Mike Behling spent time presenting the “Fiber to Curb” project on which the company is embarking. Fiber optic lines will eventually replace the old copper lines that are currently transmitting phone and Internet signals. With the rapid increase of households with multiple Internet-connected devices, the need for greater bandwidth is growing. Emery Telcom is moving forward with its fiber optic network to make sure Carbon and Emery counties remain on the forefront of technology for home and business customers.

There will be a flurry of activity in north Price as crews begin installing fiber lines. There should be minimal surface disturbance to the area. An inspector will check regularly to ensure the area is back to normal after crews move on. He also explained that existing utility lines would be protected and avoided.

Mayor Joe Piccolo commended Emery Telcom as a shining example of business in the community and that they have a great track record from its past work.

Anderson will work with Price City to make sure all residents are informed of the project and will work closely with the city to handle any issues that may arise along the way.

The employee benefits portfolio and worker’s compensation fund insurance renewal costs increased slightly. Councilmen approved the funds to pay for the increase. It was noted the increases were fairly small compared to other municipalities due to the hard work of employees.

A conditional use license was approved for Z’s smoke shop. This is for tobacco products only. Smoking is prohibited within 30 feet of the building.

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