Price City Council Meetings Continue Electronically



On Wednesday evening, the Price City Council meeting was hosted at its normal time and place, only physically consisting of Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos, City Recorder Sherrie Gordon and City Manager Nick Tatton. The other members of the city council were connected virtually.

The council reminded citizens to be aware of social distancing practices to keep others and themselves safe. After the roll call, pledge and safety seconds, there were only a couple other agenda items to consider.

It was determined that next week, May 17-23, will be declared as “Price Public Works Week 2020” following a positive vote from the council. This designated week will serve to highlight the hard work and dedication put forth from the city’s public works department.

Next up, the council reviewed the Fiscal Year 2021 Tentative Budget for the city. There was a brief presentation summarizing the budgeted funds for the city for the upcoming year. The final budget will be on the agenda for possible approval at an upcoming meeting.

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