Price City Council Prepares and Plans


A Price City Council held a meeting on August, 22nd to discuss town matters and future projects. The meeting started off with the swearing in of a new council member, Grady McEvoy.

The first matter discussed, was an issue that was originally closer to the end of the agenda, but due to time constraints with the people involved, was moved to the beginning of the meeting. Carbon High School was holding a party at the wave pool in just a couple of short hours, and the school wanted the city to meet them halfway as far as admission to the pool went for everyone going. The council voted to pass on that motion, and the meeting moved to the city council members.

Last week, a city planning day was held for the employees of the city. This was a day to go through and reiterate every board’s plans for the year and how they were going to keep things organized. According to the members of the council who talked about it, it was a very beneficial program that has helped with the organization and follow through for each of the city’s plans. This program has helped the city improve many of it’s projects and programs within the past five to six years and is something they will be doing every year. It gives the members a good template to follow and focuses on all the improvements that are needed, as well as the ones that have already been made. “The most gratifying thing you can do is plan” said Mayor Joe Piccolo.

A meeting was held in Wellington last week, discussing the possibility of a business from Louisiana moving a small branch to Wellington. Price City was involved in this movement, which is still in the works. The business, an oil company, would drill oil and bring it back to its home state of Louisiana. If this goes through, there’s a high chance it will be powered by solar power.

Pinnacle Canyon Academy is currently working on a few construction projects that will help make the school a more organized place. They will be adding an access road, which will also serve as an emergency vehicle access. They are also planning to move the crosswalk, but this will be determined after figuring how many children are walking to and from school. The school was just approved to begin using a new fire hydrant, which will leave them with both north and south fire lines. However, it’s still being determined whether or not this is necessary.

Next year’s International Days is already in the works, as the board director Wayne Clausing is beginning to come up with new ideas for the traditional weekend. Right now, they have plans to start up a golf tournament, which is a forgotten tradition.

Overall, the board talked about financing for future and current projects.


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