Price City Council Ratifies 2013 Election Results


The Price City Council passed a resolution for the ZAP tax and the 2013 municipal election results. Kathy Hanna-Smith retained her seat and Miles Davis will join her on the council in January. The mayor and city council act as canvassers to assure that the ballots are counted in accordance with all federal,state and local election laws. The results were ratified with a vote during the regular meeting of the Price City Council.

The ZAP tax renewal was overwhelmingly approved by the voters with 549 for and 149 against. The tax is paid by anyone that shops in the Price City limits, including tourists and visitors. It is used to maintain and expand recreational and cultural infrastructure within the city.

In other business, the council approved the Consolidated Dispatch Services Cooperative Agreement. This is necessary to assure that 911 dispatch equipment upgrades can be completed as necessary. The state will fund 50% of those costs. Carbon County has stepped up to take on 40% of the remaining costs with other entities splitting the difference. Even though the cost is an increase on what the city has been paying, it is much less than originally expected and will be gradually phased in.

City engineer Gary Sonntag was awarded “Road Scholar” for his extensive training he has completed. He is also just short of being awarded “Master Road Scholar” in the area of transportation systems administration.

Sonntag did talk briefly about the water resources in the area. He stated that the storage in Scofield Reservoir continued to drop from 16,000 acre feet late in the summer to 13,536 now. Large agricultural users have finished their water usage for the year. So, Sonntag expects the level of the lake to be stabilized.

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