Price City Council Receives Centennial Badges, Discusses City Business at Council Meeting


Price City’s Centennial Celebration continues, and at Wednesday’s city council meeting the council members were given some very special gifts.

One of the gifts came from Price City’s Chief of Police, Aleck Shilaos, who ordered one-of-a-kind badges for his officersВ  to mark the centennial, and included badges for the council and mayor.

The badges were a hit with the council members, who held them up for pictures, passed them around the room, and even “flashed” them like police officers.

The other gift came from Errol Holt of Zion’s Bank. Holt presented the council with a $10,000 check to support the Centennial celebration. Mayor Joe Piccolo accepted the check, thanking Zion’s Bank for their support. The council plans to acknowledge the gift during the events held this year.

The council enjoyed their gifts. They also addressed city business, including passing a budget revision that made approximately $275,000 in additions to the general fund. Asked about the revisions, City Treasurer Pat Larsen said that the city had revenue to assure a balanced budget.

Price Public Works Director Gary Sonntag reported that the first water well being drilled at Emma Park has proved to not be a good water source. Sonntag said the well had been abandoned and work had accelerated on the second well.

As of Tuesday morning, the second well had been drilled to a depth of 1,110 feet, and there had been signs of water. The drill had not reached the taret depth for the well, but Sonntag said that could happen over the weekend.

Plans were discussed for Friday’s “Rock the Park” Centennial event. The event is the second of the year, and the Centennial Committee plans another before school starts in the Fall. Chairperson Barbara Piccolo reported that the event — which is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. and last until they are forced to conclude– will include a guitar hero contest, with the winner receiving a $400 guitar from Lee’s music, music and dancing, bouncers, a dunk tank and more.

Pizza and root beer will be served, which Barbara Piccolo revealed are being donated by Pizza Hut and KFC, respectively, as well as s’mores. Centennial t-shirts and bricks will be available for purchase.

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