Price City Council Recognizes Community Members


Two local women were recognized by the Price City Council during its Wednesday meeting. These women, who are employees of the city, were Tina Rowley and Sky Jensen.

Rowley and Jensen were recognized as the winners of the Safety Seconds Challenge. Sky Jensen nominated Tina Rowley for providing a safety message about correct lifting techniques and working with aggressive people. They were each given recognition and a $25 gift card to Walmart.

Another item addressed during the meeting was a possible street name change for 100 North. The addresses on that street will not change; there will just be an addition to the name, University Boulevard 100 North.

“This is a symbolic name addition,” councilwoman Amy Jespersen said.

The mayor also noted that he wants people passing through to know that Price is a college town. It will help market and signify the local university, he explained. The motion was approved with a large emphasis that the addresses will not change: there is just an addition to the name of the street.

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