Price City Council Reviews Sewers, Water


Price City Councilmen discussed plans at Wednesday’s council meeting to improve the City’s water and sewer system.

Water and Sewer Department supervisor Sam White presented information ranging from resource extraction to sewer main length, and White said his department was performing sewer inspections via television screens.

White said the department was using optical equipment to inspect the sewers and make improvements. White the camera footage could be added to the City’s mapping computer system when the “master plan” was completed in Jan. 2012.

The footage would allow workers to immediately evaluate sewer conditions through the computer system.

“We’ve had sewer backups in the past that have cost even over $100,000,” White said. “So we’ve had to make improvements in our system and [the City Council] was working with us to get some new sewer lines in the ground and to get a contract with us to help us do some cleaning.”

White said projects like the “master plan” generally run for multiple years and cost several million dollars. White said money for the projects come from grants or income loans. White said new projects were evaluated approximately every three to five years.

White said groups throughout the City made the projects manageable.

“We have a great working relationship with the water and sewer department and the administration of Price City,” White said.

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