Price City Council Sets Statue Destination


Price City Councilmen announced Wednesday that the Kokopelli statue would be placed in the Price City Rose Garden on 100 North.

Councilmen said Price City would provide funding for a new base for the statue.

Councilmen discussed the need for people to be courteous when viewing the statue. Councilmen said they received complaints that drivers were impatient with pedestrians who stopped to look at the statue, which happened to be placed in the middle of Main Street.

Councilman Jeanne McEvoy said, “[We want to] encourage people to be responsible and be respectful of others.”

Councilmen said they hoped to erect more statues in an effort to promote tourism throughout Price City.

Councilman Richard Tatton said the Kokopelli statue “would add too and make the City more attractive.”

Councilmen also discussed the need for residents to help keep Main Street clean and safe.

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