Price City Council Speaks Highly of Plans for Pump Park


A hot topic during Wednesday’s Price City Council meeting was the Utah Outdoor Recreation grant for a pump park near the Dino Mine Park. The park would feature a off-road terrain for bicycles to utilize.

This is the second attempt for a pump park in this area and those involved have scaled down the original plan to about $30,000. It would be built near the hill between the Dino Mine Park and the skate park. The city will be partnering with Utah State University Eastern, local business Bicyclewerks and the Carbon High mountain bike team for this project.

While speaking about the pump park, council member Terry Willis commented on how Price has been named the county with the lowest health in the state of Utah. “This will create one more way to promote health in our city,” said Willis.

Councilwoman Amy Knott-Jespersen also mentioned that the park would help not only physical health, but will go hand-in-hand with mental health. The council is calling it a “big overall project;” this is because once it is built, the future might hold more in store for making improvements to the park.

Lisa Richens added to the conversation, “The more activities we have, there’s more of a ‘staycation’ activity.”


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