Price City Council Welcomes New and Returning Members


To kick off 2024, a special meeting was hosted in the Price City Hall in order to perform the oath of office ceremony for the newly-elected council members. Price City Recorder Jaci Adams led the ceremony for each new member individually.

Layne Miller is returning as a councilman to serve for another term, while former councilwoman Terry Willis happily took back her seat. Finally, Tanner Richardson was welcomed as a brand new member. Following the swearing in, Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos invited each member to take their seat and give a short message.

Miller began by stating that he debated for a long time on running again, but made the decision after realizing he still has things that he needs to accomplish. “I’m thrilled to be here to support the other elected officials, especially the employees,” Miller shared.

He continued by explaining that he believes Price City does well because the politicians do not run the city. Instead, the employees that have been there for 15 years and more are the ones that operate it.

Next, Willis thanked everyone that gave her a second chance on the council, as she felt she was not done in the position. She hopes to hit the ground running, as there are many projects and things to accomplish. Willis said she looks forward to working with the council members, city, employees and others.

Finally, Richardson began by also thanking those that voted for him and allowed him to serve in this position. He plans to really give his heart to Price City and try to do his best, he said. Richardson felt as if he needed to give back to the community that helped raise him.

Those that attended the ceremony were also invited to enjoy the light refreshments that were provided and visit with the council members.

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