Price City employees praised by PRWID general manager


Price River Water Improvement District Manager Jeff Richens took a few minutes during the open public comment period of the Price City Council meeting Wednesday to give thanks to Price City employees.

Richens said he had been with PRWID for 29 years, with the last 16 in the business office. He said during that time the relationship between Price City and PRWID has not always been cooperative, but has improved significantly in recent years. He credits that to the willingness of staff and employees going the extra mile when needed to help out in situations that cross jurisdictions.

Richens noted there have been times when Price City workers have stayed late or have assisted in PRWID projects, sometimes on weekends, in order to resolve issues quickly andВ efficiently.

“I just wanted to make the city council and the community aware of the great working relationship that has developed,” Richens added.

Mayor Joe Piccolo felt it was due, in part, to the autonomy departments have in dealing with issues as they arise.

“We are getting things done because they (employees) don’t need to call and wait for approval in every situation,” he said. “Departments understand the best way to handle things and they are showing that every day.”

Other notes from the meeting:

Resolution 2013-10 was passed to continue a previous resolution for the $225,000 taxable excise tax road bonds.

A second resolution was passed to increase a fee of $10 per square foot for asphalt pavement restoration. It costs the city $10 per square foot to lay asphalt. The fee is for driveway access repairs of homeowners. The fee had been $3 per square foot.

Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes said Chief Kevin Drolc wanted to commend Price City employees Fermin Gutierrez and Sam Martino for professionalism in their work at the police station. He said they did an outstanding job of construction despite several unexpected issues along the way.

Council Member Grady McEvoy reminded the council that e-waste day is May 11.

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