Price City Encourages Residents to Slow the Flow


Price City Press Release

Wise water use is key to water conservation and assurance that we will have enough water this year and next. This is going to be a another tough season as we contemplate the total mountain snowpack at approximately 40%, the Price River running at about 40% and Scofield Reservoir is at 24% storage. Release of reservoir water shares is at 25%.

Every effort should be taken to slow the flow. Experience has shown that rationing water has proven ineffective because users will pour on the water when it is their turn, with an end result of using more water than normal. So, please take steps to plan your outside water usage this year implementing changes in how you go about watering your lawn, irrigating your garden and washing your car.

We made it through the drought of 1992, we can do it again in 2015! Just slow the flow.

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