Price City experiences increase in pedestrian traffic


With the beginning of the school year and gas prices climbing higher, Price City is seeing more and more pedestrians walking throughout its busy streets.

City officials believe the increase in pedestrians is due to the fact that USU Eastern has had such a boom in enrollment, something that is very exciting for the city. Other reasons are the youth of Price have so many organized activities and reasons for them to be out and about. Along with this, there is an uproar of new business opportunities bringing in more people.

With this increase in walking citizens, the possibility of accidents grows stronger and to keep the city a little safer, there are simple tactics you should follow to be aware of pedestrians.

• Motorists should treat every corner like a crosswalk. Whether people are at a marked crosswalk or not, drivers must stop for pedestrians.

• Make sure to obey the speed limit at all times; especially through Main Street and around the schools. Much of the young population in Price walks to and from school, so staying alert and being prepared for these children is imperative.

• When stopped at a light or a stop sign, do not block the crosswalk.

• Of course, there are things  pedestrians can do in order to assure a safe walk to and from their destination; such as being predictable. Crossing the street where it is legal to do so makes it easier. Walking across the street in the middle of a busy street is a hazard to not only your own safety, but could cause  the slamming of breaks and other accidents for drivers. Always be sure to use a crosswalk or walk across the road at an intersection. If someone is hit while jay walking, the driver may not be liable.

• Use sidewalks where they are provided! If the road has no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.

• Last of all, don’t depend on drivers to ensure your safety. While pedestrians do have the right of way, you should be fully aware of your surroundings and taking matters into your own hands.

Texting or even talking on the phone, whether walking or driving, can cause you to be distracted and out of touch with your surroundings, remaining off the phone is another great precaution for both sides of the situation.

“Don’t assume that rules will be obeyed- stay cautious.” Captain Bill Barnes told me. He also urged pedestrians to be aware of not just the distance from you a car is, but how fast they are going “People often forget to factor in the speed of an oncoming vehicle and this causes a lot of accidents. Make sure that before you even step foot into a crosswalk, oncoming traffic is willing to stop for you.


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