Price City Fire Chief Discusses Halloween Safety


Press Release

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the Price Fire Department would like to discuss safety concepts. We would like 2019 to be a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Consider the following points in your planning:

  • Plan your night, look for well-lit areas to visit
  • When selecting a costume, consider bright colors with reflective tape
  • Accompany small children to the doors of homes you visit
  • Always check your children’s candy. Look for tampered packaging or anything that doesn’t look right and throw those away
  • Carry more than one flashlight to illuminate paths
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Use supervised caution when carving pumpkins
  • Use artificial lights in decorations instead of candles
  • Pin a note of your child’s address and your phone number in case of separation
  • Put your pets in a separate room during trick or treating
  • Don’t take pets with you and you walk your children around your route

We all have great memories of our Halloween holidays and we hope this continues for your family. Considering a few simple ideas about keeping our children safe can avoid problems. Let’s make Price City safe this year. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

For more information:
Chief Fitzgerald Petersen
87 North 200 East
Price, Utah 84501

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