Price City Gets New Police Chief***Video***


Former Price City Police Captain Kevin Drolc was installed as the new police chief Friday at the Price City Chambers. Drolc replaced outgoing police chief Alec Shilaos who retired after 26 years at the post.

“I think this event should be marked on the wall as an extension of a new beginning,” said Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo. “In the one-hundredth and first year of existence I feel it is appropriate that we take time to reestablish the head of our police department.”

Drolc compared the department to a family.

“We have a department that is separate in some ways but at the same time we’re all part of the same Price City family. That really brings comfort,” he said. “I would especially like to thank Chief Shilaos for his outstanding leadership and mentoring and for the department that he left behind for me to take over. He’s really given me a good place to start.”

Check out the video of Drolc’s oath of office.


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