Price City: Getting Better by the Year


With another year behind Price City, Mayor Piccolo reviewed the state of the city as we move into 2013.

On Friday, Mayor Piccolo, along with wife Barbara Piccolo, welcomed residents to the annual State of the City Address.

“We are one year older, and one year wiser,” said Barbara.

Although the city has weathered many changes throughout 2012, Mayor Piccolo stressed the city remains strong.

“No matter the changes, Price City is stable, not only financially but mentally,” said Mayor Piccolo.

Piccolo thanked his departments, and council members for their dedication to the city, and mentioned many accomplishments from each.

The Water and Sewer Department were named “Safety Team of the Year”, with over 75,000 hours worked and no injuries recorded.

Also recognized was Gary Sonntag (Public Works Director), and Linda Allred (Accounting), as “Employees of the Year”, chosen by the employees of Price City.

“Thank you for this recognition, I consider all of you my friends not just my co-workers,” said Allred as she accepted her award for 32 years of dedicated service.

“I’d be willing to stack Price City against any rural city in the state,with respect to what it has been able to accomplish and the employees within,” said Sonntag. “The workforce in public works is the best I’ve ever seen it.”

Piccolo reminded attendants to think of our tough times and compare them to times of true strife, “think back to Abe Lincoln and the Civil War, would you rather be there?”

He encouraged residents of Carbon County and beyond to focus on what went right rather than what has gone wrong, and challenges each resident to live each day with conviction, persuasion, and a caring demeanor.

“We live in the most well managed state in the Nation,” said Piccolo. “As we go forward remember where you came from.”


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