Price City Grants Airspace Permit


Price City Councilmen granted Tuesday a one-night airspace permit that would allow Santa Claus to fly his reindeer and sleigh over the City on Dec. 24.

The permit was to be delivered to Claus immediately after the meeting concluded.

Councilman Jeanne McEvoy said she was elated that Councilmen approved the permit.

Addressing the children in attendance at the meeting, McEvoy said, “Now Santa can come and deliver your presents, but you still have to be good!”


  • Late Fees for City utility payments will be moved from three days to 10 days starting Jan. 1, 2012.
  • The Centennial Celebration event scheduled for Dec. 2-3 may be postponed because organizers haven’t found a facility to host the event. Councilmen discussed moving the event to sometime in the spring.
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