Price City Hall Monument Rich With Utah History


Pictured: LeRae Stuart, Pres., Penny Boyack, Cindy Vouk, Mary Israel, Janet Oberto,
Kathleen Ford and Phyllis Andrus. Photo courtesy of Price City.

You may have noticed that landscaping work has begun outside of Price City Hall. While directing the work, the employees of the city hall became intrigued by the monument erected in the courtyard and began searching out the history.

What was discovered was surprising and fulfilling. The rocks that were used to create the monument were gathered from every county in the state. The four corner stones found at the top come from the corners of Utah and stones also came from California, Idaho and Nevada.

Dedicated on July 24, 1954, the local primary children were asked to collect the rocks to add to the structure. The dedication commemorated the first LDS meeting house in Price. The meeting house was also used for operas, schools, court event and amusement.

The city would like to thank the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Carbon Company, for telling the tale on how special the monument is to the community. 

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