Price City Highlighted as the Community Spotlight for June


Price City was recognized as the community spotlight by the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce during the organization’s monthly luncheon last week.

Councilwoman Amy Knott-Jespersen was welcomed to the podium to represent Price City and speak on a number of items that the city has been focusing on lately. She stated that two huge topics right now are water and fire, with the drought definitely taking its toll on the local environment and entire state.

The council is focusing on fire safety, with Councilwoman Terry Willis working with Carbon County Emergency Manager Justin Needles to create a map of Price City limits. Severe restrictions have not yet been put in place on watering yet, though Knott-Jespersen urges all to do what they can to conserve.

The city has cut back on watering cemeteries and parks. Though community members may notice sprinklers on in those areas each night, she stated that they are going to different sections in order to limit the usage.

Switching gears, Knott-Jespersen then spoke on something else that Price City has been working on for the past 15 months or so, which is the Main Street Pilot Program. Price City was chosen by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, along with Brigham City, to act as guinea pigs to reinstate the program.

She said they have hosted a great number of meetings and have had some great feedback come out of them. Things are being tweaked and other communities are working to get involved.

A couple of local property owners have received restoration grants through the program, with one being Altitude Cycle, which was awarded a partial grant. Through the grant, they were able to strip the paint from the front of the building and restore it to the original brick.

Other recipients were the Brinkerhoffs that bought the buildings that used to house Fitness World. They have had some brief obstacles but, according to Knott-Jespersen, are working on what they will be putting in those spaces.

“My message to you all, to all chamber organization and all the businesses on Main Street and in our downtown district, is there is money still left in this grant,” stated Knott-Jespersen.

Knott-Jespersen urged those that may have a business or know someone that has one and wants work done on their facade to get ahold of her, Mayor Mike Kourianos or the other council members to get a grant application and begin the process.

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