Price City Hocus Pocus Winners Honored on Halloween Eve


Love Floral, 64 North 100 West

Every year, the Price Community Progress Committee hosts its annual Hocus Pocus Halloween contest for Price residents. This year’s winners were awarded on Halloween Eve at their homes.

Recipients received a small token sign from Price City Community Progress and Price City to show appreciation for responsible and prideful citizens and businesses of Price City.

Criteria for the competition was creativity, how orderly the home was, and festivity, which could include lights or no lights. The five winners from this year’s competition are as follows.


Love Floral
64 North 100 West
(435) 637-3377


Kathy Scoville
1693 East 440 South

Teresa Allred
427 South 300 West

Benjamin & Amanda Baldonado
721 North 900 East

Frank & Trudy Markosek
908 North 100 East

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