Price City Issues Property Maintenance Reminder


Price City issued a property maintenance reminder to citizens on Wednesday morning. The notice is distributed each year to remind residents of the Price City property maintenance code as spring approaches.

“Price City would like to remind all owners and occupants of residential and commercial property within the city that the Price City property maintenance code requires that properties be kept free of weeds, rubbish, debris, junk and no parking of vehicles or trailers in non-parking areas is allowed, such as on the front yard,” the reminder read.

City officials urge residents to maintain the ordinance to avoid possible notices or citations. It was noted that not following the ordinance could result in a civil or criminal citations.

“Everyone is asked to review their property and actively remove weeds, junk, rubbish, parking violations or other conditions that may place their property or structure in violation of the ordinance and subject to notices and possible civil or criminal (class C misdemeanor) citations,” the reminder stated.

To conclude, Price City encouraged residents to extend help to friends, family and neighbors that may need assistance with maintenance of their property.

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