Price City Library Basement Project In Need of Public’s Help


A rendering of what the Price City Library’s Basement will look like in coming weeks upon completion of the project.

What’s on your shopping list this Holiday Season?

In the coming weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Carbon County resident Bob Tanner is asking those in Price City to add one more thing to their shopping list: a donation to help assist the Price City Library with its extensive basement renovation.

“It’s come alive for every age group,” Tanner said about the basement, which has been facing a renovation process since March.

The new space, deemed The Annex, was given its name after considering just what the area would function as.

“’The Annex,’” said Tanner, “identifies the use of the space better than any other word we could come up with.”

The space will host the library’s current children’s section as well as its collection of junior novels. Similarly, the area will feature a space for the library’s weekly story time and a craft area in addition to areas for young adult patrons.

Realizing the number of young adults who come to the library after school before returning home, The Annex will also feature space for students in middle and high school to come and relax after school with a living area, magazines as well as a large monitor with nearly 20 PG-rated movies picked by staff to view if patrons so desire.

Areas will also be reserved for homework with computers and tables. The area will be under full-time supervision from the library staff.

“The change has been 180 degrees,” Tanner said in regards to the basement, which before served as a 4,000 square foot storage area for outdated reference texts.

The Annex, however, is still in need of financial support to finish several of their projects, including an outside entrance ramp as a ramp currently doesn’t exist. The ramp, according to Tanner, is absolutely necessary to help challenged patrons in their use of the area.

In light of this need, Tanner, who has worked with the library in a variety of mediums since 2010, is in the process of reaching out to merchants and residents in the Carbon County area about donating to the project in an effort to help The Annex. Tanner is doing so on behalf of the Friends of the Price City Library, a program modeled after similar auxiliaries found nation-wide whose goal is to help libraries with improvements not covered by budget restraints.

Any monetary donation is appreciated, and plans are set for a donations board that will be placed in The Annex as well. Donors will receive small plates, which measure approximately 3 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches, that they may encrypt with a name or message to be placed on the wall.

Those who donate $25 to $200 will be awarded a donor’s plate, donations from $200-$500 will merit a bronze, $500 to $2,000 will receive a silver, $2,000 up to $5,000 will receive a gold plate and those who donate $5,000 or more will receive a platinum.

Donations may be made at Eastern Utah Community Credit Union at 675 East 100 North in Price. Checks are accepted, but must be made out to Friends of the Price City Library. Donations may also be specialized for specific projects by contacting Tanner directly.

The Friends of the Price City Library is a recognized 501(c)(3) and, as such, can offer tax deductions on all donations. Those with questions may contact Tanner at (435) 637-3442.

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