Price City Library Renovations On Track


The Price City Library recently started moving the books in the kids area to the remodeled kids area in the basement.

With the help of missionaries and community members they were able to assemble a line and get the books to the basement in an orderly fashion.  The revamped kids area still has some work to be done before it will be open to the public.

The library and staff will now move new furniture and put up shelving before the project can be finished.  The kids area upstairs will then be turned into a computer area.

The grand opening for the new kids area will take place March 27 at 11:00 a.m. at the Price City Library.

“It’s going really well, I am thankful to the volunteers and missionaries that have helped,”  commented Norma Procarione, Director of the Price City Library.

This change at the library is being spear-headed by Elijah Snow, who made it his Eagle Scout project.



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