Price City Library to Create New Kid-Friendly Space


Pictured: a member of Troop 997 assists in the removal of unused book shelves from the library’s basement

The Price City Library has long been a place for the public to visit to find anything from recipes to data, to simply a new favorite novel. The facility, however, is currently making changes to its layout.

On Tuesday, local youth including Boys Scouts from Troop 997 gathered in the library’s basement to help clear out shelves, unused books as well as other items no longer in use. The reason? To aid in the transformation of the basement into a new area for younger patrons of the library.

“We’ve got some big plans,” head librarian Norma Procarione explained. Those big plans include turning the basement into a kid-friendly room where events such as story hour will be held.

In addition to library functions, Procarione hopes the basement will also become a place for youth to go after school if they don’t have another location. The room will eventually be outfitted with games, a television and perhaps even a computer.

Long-term goals for the space include addressing such items as the carpeting, enlarging of the restroom and even adding a ramp to aid in easier access for elderly and mothers with strollers.

Procarione hopes to have the project completed by May to supplement the library’s summer reading program. “We just want to get the kids’ room filled with activity,” Procarione asserted.

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