Price City Library Welcomes 3 New Board Members


Photo courtesy of Councilman Layne Miller

During the Price City Council meeting that was hosted on Oct. 13, there were three new library board members that were welcomed to take their oath of office during a swearing in ceremony.

These new board members are Tom Alleman, Sydnie Callahan and Robin Hussey. These members were in attendance and were asked to come forward to conduct the ceremony, which was led by Price City Recorder Sherrie Gordon.

The oath read that the board members would support and obey the constitution of the United States and the state of Utah while also upholding the ordinances of the city of Price. Following this, each member signed the oath in front of the council and those in attendance.

The quarterly safety prize drawing was also determined during this meeting. Nick Tatton stated that the prize was a cooler full of meat that was provided by Opa Meats.

The names entered into the drawing are determined by individually-noticed acts of safety throughout the quarter. This month, the award went to city employee Shiloh Tonc.

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