Price City Pays Tribute During International Days Kick Off


Following tradition, Price City once again kicked off its annual International Days celebration during the opening ceremonies and Culture Connection event on Thursday. The weekly Culture Connection series was beefed up as the city honored this year’s grand marshal, the citizen of the year and two junior grand marshals.

This year, the junior grand marshal titles went to Kyle Morgan and Patience Andrews. The citizen of the year honor was bestowed upon Frank Ori, who has been known for his work at Carbon County Recreation and KUSA The Buzz.

The grand marshal for the 2018 International Days parade was long-time educator Daniel Garvin, who has taught at Carbon High School for many years.

These recognitions were followed by a celebration led by Los Hermanos de Los Andes, who performed a variety of Andean folk music. Band members have been performing together for nearly 30 years, bringing their unique tunes to concerts since 1989.

The opening ceremonies were capped off by fireworks following the concert.

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