Price City Planning and Zoning Approves New Coffee Cafe


The Price City Planning and Zoning meeting tackled many items last week.

The first thing brought to attention during the meeting was the safety seconds. Board member Nancy Bentley took time to remind everyone to clear their windshields before driving. She stressed the importance of being able to see the road and surroundings while driving. “It really makes a difference,” said Bentley while closing the item.

Susan Neel then took to the podium to present her small business. Neel works for USU Eastern and will be retiring after the spring semester. She wants to remain in Price and start up “a little business,” she said.

Neel explained that her shop will have coffee and tea as well as a variety of snacks such as scones, crackers and cheese. The pictured atmosphere for the cafe will be quiet but social, inviting people to stay and enjoy their drinks.

Ultimately, the approval for the land use on 20 East Main Street for Corner Coffee was approved by the Price City Planning and Zoning Committee.

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