Price City Police and Decker’s Bike Shop looking for Burglary suspects


Armed with a 2×4 and their feet, two brazen thieves broke into Decker’s Bicycle Shop in Price during the early hours of August 4. It was the second time this year the business has been the victim of a burglary.

The two unidentified male suspects were caught on security cameras smashing the front glass of the building with the 2×4. Twice they hid themselves as cars approached along Main Street. The two were finally successful in breaking the glass enough to enter the building shortly thereafter.

One suspect was wearing light colored shorts and had a jersey draped over his head. The jersey had a letter “P” as the beginning letter.  Price City Police think it may be a jersey of a local school team and are circulating pictures to school security officials. The other suspect was wearing plaid shorts and had a shirt covering his face.

While in the store the suspects stole an iPod Touch and about $150 from a drawer in the back office. They also took hoodies and other small merchandise.  They were attempting to leave through the back door with a couple of used bikes when a local resident spotted them through the front windows of the building.

Price resident Damian Olsen had been hanging out with friends and had walked to Maverick for a snack when he saw the suspects inside the shop attempting to steal the bikes. He called 911 as he ran to the back of the store in an attempt to stop them.

As they opened the door to leave he shouted. Olsen said he saw their faces turn white during the confrontation. He thought he could trap them inside the store so he slammed the door behind them. Security footage shows the suspects diving out of the broken front door seconds after.

Olsen finished his call to 911 and said police were on the spot almost immediately. Several Price City Police officers arrived within minutes of the completed call.

“I think this is really crappy, stealing from your community like that,” said Olsen. “I have lived here for 12 years and really care about this community. Just because you don’t make as much as other people it doesn’t make it right to take it from others.”

Decker’s Bicycle owner Dustin Heaton said they are going to be beefing up security because of the recent incidents. He said it’s frustrating because they are already operating on slim profits and this just takes away from being able to put money back into inventory for customers. Heaton said he is grateful to Olsen being there at the right time, which helped minimize losses.

The suspects only managed to take a few hundred dollars worth of cash and merchandise because of Olsen. The two did not try to open the cash register.

Much of the scene played out on security video. Police and Heaton are hoping someone will be able to identify either or both suspects involved. Those with any information are encouraged to call Price City Police at 636-3190.

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