Price City Police Department Gifts Worthy Individual With Police Patch


Members of the Price City Police Department paid a visit to staff of Chrysalis on Monday afternoon to award local Tom Konakis with a very special recognition.

Konakis was the recipient of a police patch due to his progress on being able to slowly begin walking again. Konakis often reflects on his desire to walk, since he has been wheelchair-bound for some time. He is a 55-year-old native of Price and has been fascinated with police officers from a very young age.

It has been stated that anytime Konakis sees an officer, he gets very excited and will invite them to his house. Konakis’s favorite story to regale is the time that a cop came to his house and, when asked who was taken to jail, Konakis will always state that it was him.

“Tom is the only one that is willing to go to jail on a daily basis,” his family shared.

Konakis is the owner of a handheld police scanner and will be entertained for hours by listening to Carbon County dispatch calls. It brings him much joy to know that, when the scanner is making noise, it is likely that someone is going to jail.

“To the men uniform, to the world you may be one person, but to Tom, you are the world. Thank you,” his family concluded.

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