Price City Public Surplus Auction Underway


Price City recently made the announcement that the city is hosting an online surplus auction. The sale began on March 1 and will continue through March 20.

There are 18 vehicles and pieces of equipment for sale. These pieces have come to be available as there has been some remodeling and cleaning out citywide. There will also be items such as tables and chairs up for grabs.

Price City Public Works Director Miles Nelson stated that they wished to make the public aware that this is ongoing. He stated that they plan on conducting another sweep in two or three months as the city has a lot of items that need to be cleaned out or updated.

This online auction is the first auction since before the pandemic, and was declared and made official by the Price City Council in February. The item list is available on the public surplus website or Price City’s website.

Those that have questions regarding the surplus auction may contact Price Municipal at (435) 637-5010.

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