Price City Ranks on List of Best Areas to Work From Home


With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way that many handle day-to-day business, it is no surprise that the focus on working remotely has greatly increased.

While remote working has been a trend that has been rising for years, with a report on those working from home rising each year since at least 2010, in mid-June of 2020 up to 11.2% of workers in various industries were at home.

In the age of great technology and the quick thinking that many businesses and other entities had to do as quarantine began to combat coronavirus, it was discovered that working from home is easier than ever before and many positions that may have been believed to be impossible to conduct remotely are the opposite.

Of those, 22% of the workers reported that they would be interested in working at home on a permanent basis. With this information in mind, data was gathered from multiple resources to determine the 50 best US towns and cities to work remotely. The study focused on fast internet, affordable housing and more.

Out of all of the towns and cities in the US, two cities from Utah were chosen: Kaysville and Carbon County’s own Price City. Price came in at number 22 on the list, just after the Woodlands in Texas.

The study showed that there are currently 2.8% of the community’s workers that are working from home, compared to Kaysville with 7.5% of workers at home. These compare to the top city, Chattanooga, Tennessee, with 4.7% of workers at home. Chattanooga topped the list by being new as Gig City by rolling out a citywide gigabit network.

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