Price City Receives TAP Award for Third Consecutive Year


At the regularly scheduled Price City Council meeting on Wednesday evening, the city received the TAP Award for the third consecutive year.

Doug Folsom, the loss prevention manager, traveled to Price to award the 2017 Trust Accountability Award Program (TAP) award to the council.

The program was created five years ago to help members implement risk management and practice safety on the job. Price City has been a member of the TAP program for three consecutive years. This year, the program is also implementing a new assessment to monitor if the requirements are being implemented to a higher standard.

Foulson congratulated the city and their participation in the program. “Price City has done an outstanding job to implement the program on a day-to-day basis,” said Folsom.

Also at the meeting on Wednesday, Matt Ward was sworn in as a new member to the Community Progress Committee.

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