Price City Recognizes Ryan Peterson for Efforts in Centennial Blood Drive


Last month ConocoPhillip’s Ryan Peterson led the charge to garner one unit of blood for each year Price City has been incorporated, and last week he was rewarded for his efforts at the Price City Council Meeting.

Mayor Joe Piccolo presented Peterson with a plaque at the meeting, recognizing Peterson’s “brave” acceptance of the challenge to get 100 volunteers to donate blood at a drive held April 29. The drive was a partnership between the American Red Cross, ConocoPhillps and Price City as part of the city’s 100th birthday.

Piccolo thanked Peterson and the donors for “graciously accepting the challenge to exceed 100 units”, and revealed that they achieved the goal, and surpassed it, donating 113 units total. “Thank you. You did well,” Piccolo expressed.

The mayor then allowed Peterson the opportunity to address the Council and the citizens who were in attendance. Peterson shared that the idea to set a goal of 100 units had developed in a conversation he had with Councilperson Jeanne McEvoy. It was after that conversation that the partnering organizations decided to make it part of the year’s Centennial Celebration.

Peterson said that he was excited to have achieved the goal, but more than that, he was pleased that the donated blood would save lives, and that 42 first-time donors gave blood at the drive. “That’s a huge accomplishment,” he concluded.

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