Price City Rings in New Year With Oath of Office Ceremony


2018 has already been a busy and productive year in terms of Carbon County politics. Two oath of office ceremonies took place in the county on Jan. 2: one for Helper and one for Price. Price City’s was hosted at the City Hall and found itself with an audience so full a number of patrons had to stand.

The oaths began with newly elected Price City Mayor Michael Kourianos, who read his eagerly in front of the crowd. He was followed by newly elected Amy Knott-Jespersen, who will be joining the council. Ending the oaths was re-elected councilwoman Terry Willis.

The three sworn in members then took time to speak. Mayor Kourianos began, stating that he would like to thank his family and all that supported him and continue to support.

“I am excited to get started and to turn this ship in the direction that we can diversify and make our town a destination,” Mayor Kourianos stated.

Knott-Jespersen expressed how excited she is to be in the position that she is in and to learn a lot. Re-elected member Willis stated that she wanted to thank everyone for entrusting her to serve on the council for another four years. Light refreshments were then served.

The first Price City Council meeting for 2018 will take place on Jan. 10 beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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