Price City Searches for Spookiest Decorations for Annual Hocus Pocus Awards


Press Release

The Price City Progress Committee will once again be awarding Hocus Pocus Halloween awards to four homes within the city’s limits.
Judging will take place before Oct. 23. All homes will be judged on use of a Halloween or fall theme and the criteria includes curb appeal (must be seen from the street), use of theme and not have been chosen in the last few years.
Price City will award one home in each of the four sections of the city to include northwest Price, southwest Price, southeast Price and northeast Price. Winners are chosen by a panel of committee members. The winning homes will be given a Hocus Pocus yard sign and have their picture taken with the media.
In addition, this year the Price City Progress Committee will also be awarding a “Spirit of Halloween” placard to Price City businesses that decorate their business for the season. Both fall and Halloween themes will be included. Again, to be included, the decorations must be visible from the street to enhance the curb appeal of Price City. These will also be judged by Oct. 23 and all winners will have their business and staff’s picture taken and sent to the media.
For more information, please call Price City council member Terry Willis at (435) 650-1209.
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