Price City Signs Contract for Emergency Watershed Protection Project


At the regularly scheduled Price City council meeting on Wednesday evening, the council approved a contract to update the Emergency Watershed Protection Project.

City engineer Russell Seeley explained the contract between Price City and Jones & DeMille Engineering for the design engineering and construction management of flood gates in Price canals. The cost for this added on project is $135,000 and the money has a strict deadline before it expires.

“In 2014, the county was hit with some major flooding, most of which was outside of city limits,” explained Seeley. “Damages were not too serious within city limits, but there were some flood gates in the canals that were affected and in need of repairs.”

Seeley also emphasized the need to begin the project quickly before the deadline is met. He then went on to explain that the new flood gates would be automated and construction would begin in the fall after the canals are emptied.


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