Price City to be Promoted in State Parks


Mark Holyoak from the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce approached the Price City Council on Wednesday to discuss the new Parks and Perks Program that the chamber is spearheading.

The program looks to increase economical development in Carbon County through national and state parks. The chamber will print a handout that consists of coupons for local businesses in the area. Currently, the handout will focus on coupons for restaurants and local hotels.

The goal is that coupons for local businesses will bring more tourists to the area. Coupons such as “Stay Two Nights Get The Third Free” will bring people to the area and keep them here longer, bumping up revenue and taxes in the county.

“I think it’s a great thing, another economic engine,” said councilman Wayne Clausing. “I am a big supporter of this.”

The handouts will be printed locally to further help the area before being shipped to state and national parks. While the first handout may be small, the chamber hopes that the product will grow as it gains popularity and businesses realize its advertising value.

The Price City Council decided to fully support Parks and Perks by awarding $500 to help with the project.

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