Price City Votes to Support Beautification Plan Near Key Entrance/Exit


Pictured: Greg Dart, a member of the Community Beautification/Enhancement Subcommittee, sets the stage during Wednesday’s City Council meeting to talk about beautification plans for Price City.

A number of community members with the community beautification/enhancement subcommittee of the Carbon County Economic Development Committee gathered in the Price City Council chambers Wednesday night with a common idea uniting them: that of beautifying a key area for Price city.

Searching for approval and acknowledgement from the city to back ideas and plans to help beautify the off-ramp/on-ramp near 100 North and Highway 6 as well as a written “Statement of Support,” several members of the committee expressed concerns and support at the meeting.

USU Eastern Vice Chancellor Greg Dart took the floor first, expressing the need to act soon in regards to beautification projects.

Leif Nelson, a Carbon County native, spoke of his return after close to a 30-year break and his disappointment in the city’s private property maintenance.

“It seems like those that care are becoming more the exception rather than the rule,” he stated.

Other members shared similar ideas as each expressed their love of Price and Carbon County, as well as their desire to see it improve.

A motion by councilmember Layne Miller was seconded by councilmember Kathy Hanna-Smith to approve the compliance request as well as to have a draft of the statement made by city attorney Nick Sampinos. The motion passed and will be put into effect.

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