Price City’s Water Treatment Place Shut Down on Sundays


Price City Press Release

The city’s water treatment plant in Price Canyon, developed in 1961, works 24/7 during the summer. It is a necessity for the plant to shut down for a few hours on Sunday to check, clean, resupply and secure the inner workings of the plant. This enables the city to continue to produce a first class approved drinking water product.

When the plant is shut down, it reduces the flow of water needed to meet the summer demand. The water storage tanks back up the system temporarily. While not intended to be a restriction, not watering outside on Sunday slows the flow’ of water such that the water tanks can remain sufficiently filled. It is hoped that all users will use water wisely and partner with city employees to bring this about.

We made it through the drought of 1992, we can do it again in 2015! Just slow the flow.

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